Jill's dresses are high quality, made with love and passion and can stand up to the wildest nights dancing on tables and getting showered with champagne and riding in lil boats in the open seas to big yachts. They can be packed in tiny suitcases (in paris they call these bags "baiz-en-ville" and come out wrinkle free.  I take many when I travel because they are show stoppers. :) They are amazing and if you wear one of these dresses you are sure to have a night to remember. :) You get LOTS of attention and into lots of trouble when you have a Bunny Jackson dress. Thats a good thing trust me! ;) Jill has made me many dresses. Her first masterpiece for me was a beautiful gold dress that she actually made for herself but I convinced her to sell it to me. One of a kind golden dream dress. I adore it and wear it way too often. At an art gallery with hundreds of people 2 different men stopped me and asked me if Jill designed my dress and said how lovely it was. And we think men dont notice. lol. They do! :) Jill also made me a cinco de mayo mini skirt that is bright red and looks like the back of a Tiajuana cab! I adore it and it goes great with a white tank top. I also have a red fiesta dress that stops traffic and a hot pink creation she made for me when I went to St Tropez. In St Tropez the dresses must be TIGHT and BRIGHT and it was a big success. Just recently Jill made me a birthday lil black dress that is very cute. Note to self: remind Jill to make the dresses a bit longer as Im not 21 anymore! :)

REBECCA ATWATER  Santa Barbara, California



I love getting to collaborate with Jill on the design! It's so personal and she is so passionate about her work it makes me proud to wear it! Also she sends the cutest packages with sweet cards. I love the halter dresses. I feel like every item is custom but my favorites are my fur dress where I got to watch the evolution of the vintage fur trim turn into a darling evening dress. I also love the custom lengths she makes as I am pretty tall. Impeccable fit. The dresses make me look skinny and they are all cool vintage and hand selected fabrics made by someone I would consider a fashion icon of her day.

REGAN SIMONEAUX  Hermosa Beach, California



Where to start……She is one of my dearest friends and the inspiration as to why I have my own retail shop today!! I was an original "Grit Girl" and worked for Jill and Wally just out of school. Those were truly the best years of my life!! Jill never ceased to inspire us and always blew our minds with her masterful creations. If she was going to a party, she would just whip out a new outfit to wear that night and look amazing! Girls would snatch up her skirts and dresses, not even making it onto the sales floor sometimes! Her styles are vintage inspired and timeless, a total testament to where she is today in her life!! I know tons of girls who still have her original designs tucked away in their closet like any special keepsake in hopes of passing it onto the next generation, oh wait, they are here already! Jill is versatile, determined, and a true Santa Barbara treasure. I am so proud to be her friend.

RACHAEL NUNEZ  Co-Owner of Blue Pacific, Carpinteria, California



I still have minidresses from Jill that I bought when I was 21. Seriously!! I am now 37.  They fit fantastically! Lasts forever, super cute and never go out of style!! Great for any night out on the town or sunny summer days :)

JOY MOATS  Santa Barbara, California



People always ask where I get my dresses. I get compliments from friends, family, strangers, professors, even super adorable "elderly" women! I was once walking to grab lunch in downtown Santa Barbara and had the cutest experience with a stranger. She was a little older than me, probably approaching her 90's. She stopped me and said, "I just want to tell you that you look darling in that dress! It's tasteful and still sexy!!" She then told me if she were a few years younger, she'd ask to borrow it. My heart melted!  

I counted... I own over thirty Bunny Jackson pieces!! The fabrics are so unique and her designs fit me so well, I like to have a variety so I can incorporate them in my daily wears often.  Special occasions too… I have worn Bunny Jackson pieces on New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, at Bachelorette Parties in Palm Springs, My 21st birthday, concerts, Vegas Trips, an Oscars Party... I can go on!! Any special day or night I can wear a Bunny Jackson Piece with great shoes and accessories, and I know I will look and feel great! I love the halter dress! It hugs me in the right places, offers support in the chest, and shows plenty of leg. It's great for any occasion. I also love Bunny Jackson skirts. They are so simple yet you can do SO much with them. All the pieces are durable, sexy, fun, and one of a kind!

I bring them when I travel because I KNOW no one else will be wearing anything similar and I will get compliments the whole trip. I always have a few Bunny Jackson pieces wherever I go! First of all, the pieces are so light, they don't take up hardly any room. Second, they don't wrinkle! I've never pulled out any piece and had to worry about not being able to wear it right away. Once again, the pieces have endless possibilities! You can wear them in the cold with boots and leggings, wear them to the pool, wear them out at night, or wear them if you've had a long night and just crash when you get back to the room! Possibilities are endless.  I've always enjoyed buying Jill's pieces. With the variety of fabrics she uses, its always a treat to put in a new piece and to see how I wear it! 

ASHLEY MARIE  Santa Barbara, California



Jill is an amazing designer and she knows which fabric, styles and cuts will look good on what customers. She has made me tons of dresses. I love them all! I like the A Frame Basic Mini dress. Simple and sexy! I have like 10 because they are the most flattering dresses I have EVER worn. Cute & tight but the vintage fabric also lays across your stomach in such a way that you can breath & even eat in one! LOL... Bunny Jackson dresses last forever. I've had most of my dresses and tops for years! I always take them on vacation and when I travel because they are my FAVE! I was just in Mykonos, Greece. I wore Bunny Jackson dresses every single day. Every girl that saw me asked where she could get one. VERY flattering fit, one of a kind vintage fabrics, affordably priced, available in custom styles and colors. Perfect for ALL occasions!


VANESSA RIVERS  Malibu, California www.vanessarivers.com



I own multiple dresses, mini skirts, and a halter top.  I LOVE the mini skirts- they are so comfortable and can be dressed up/down and have a funky flare to them.  Bunny Jackson dresses are sexy, hip, and fun.  Every item I have purchased easily goes in the washer and dryer with the rest of my laundry... it's effortless to wash and always holds up through the test of time.  I have never had an item so much as have loose threads, etc.  When I moved to Maui in 2010 the only items I wore were Bunny Jackson... they were comfortable in the humidity and heat and didn't wrinkle and held up well.  Plus the ease of throwing everything in the washer and the dryer made things even better! Chic. Sexy. Comfortable. Durable. Great Quality. FUN!!


KRISTEN  Buellton, California



I own several Bunny Jackson items and my favorite things about them is wearing them in the summer while being super tan with super high heels!  They are extremely flattering. Jill knows how to accentuate a womans body. They do not fade or stretch out.  They also travel great because they do not wrinkle.

ERIN LINDSAY  Ventura, California



UM HAVE YOU SEEN THESE DRESSES! DUH, HOTTEST GO TO EVER! I'm pretty sure the MAJORITY of my closet consists of Bunny Jackson ORIGINALS! WHY...? Because they are the BEST, cutest and PERFECT for any occasion!  My personal favorite is the Channel Drive Halter. Practically every piece I own is custom! Each piece is certainly 1 of a kind itself and the custom pieces are exquisite. Jill has been my GO-TO gal for anything Halloween... It's always the cutest outfit and fits amazing! Seriously these pieces are  so well crafted and made of quality fabric- they last FOREVER!  I'm 29 now and still have and wear pieces from Junior High.

If I'm traveling anywhere warm, that's all I take. Seriously these pieces are the best, super durable, they don't wrinkle, EVERYTHING washes out of them and you can wear them for any occasion: Dress them up or down. Flip -flops or Heels (MY FAV) these dresses are so unique you're bound to get a ton of compliments no matter how you accessorize! 

GINA J RAB  Edwardsburg, Michigan



I have a custom couture costume and a custom dress. Jill, has great vision and her passion comes through her design.  I loved having Jill design my Halloween costume. She was super creative and was able to create exactly what I wanted. :)  I also love the halter designs.  They're super flattering!

MARY WAKEFIELD  Santa Barbara, California



I love Bunny Jackson because they fit so well. The vintage fabrics don't wrinkle and they hold their shape giving you very smooth lines. I feel very comfortable in them so am more confident when I am at an event. I can focus on the event and not my dress moving around, slipping etc. My must have Bunny Jackson piece is my Blue Tie back tank top. I can't count how many times I have worn it. The cut is perfect and gives me a "Free Boob Job" I wish my chest always looked that way!!!! My other favorite is the strapless mini dress in Black. I have had it for 10 years and still rock it. I have a million compliments on it, it  doesn't wrinkle, I can grab it and go to any event looking and feeling stellar. I had 10 minutes to get ready for a big Montecito party. I had been on Butterfly beach all day and was beachy and sandy. I thru on my Bunny Jackson black Mini with some Vintage accessories, Rocking shoes & bag and got "Best Dressed" at the party. Many women were wearing top designers worth thousands of Dollars, and I smoked them....Thank you Bunny Jackson!!!

Jill has a natural attention to detail, and is great at bringing out the best features in your body. They make you look Smoking Hot and you are comfortable as well. The dresses are a sure thing, can go day to night. The fabric also breathes well in Tropical places. Perfect weight for a night out in Hawaii.

ERIN McKEOWN  Jewel of the Sea, Haleiwa, Hawaii



I have 3 dresses, a skirt and about 4 halter tops. They fit a woman's body perfectly and enhance the breast area. She has a way of cutting and sewing the tops, to fit very well, at least for my body. Oh and I forgot, she also made me a sexy nurse outfit for Halloween :-) That got a LOT of attention! My favorites are the halters.  I love summer and my shoulders showing; I get compliments every single time I wear one.

MARANEE McDONALD  Santa Barbara, California



My very 1st mini skirt was this fabulous violet purple color. (I would save up all my $ so I could put Bunny Jackson items on layaway!) I wore that mini skirt to my 8th grade graduation party. Fast forward to 10 years later, my favorite Bunny Jackson dress is in almost the same color... I wore it to Coachella & Joe Jonas complimented me on it, which led to a nice conversation & he invited me over... (haha... I didn't go)  I have so many Bunny Jackson items!  My personal favorite is the cross back minidress because it fits incredibly. Boobies up, no bra needed :)  They fit amazing (specifically, the fabric sucks you in!!), easy to dress down or UP, one of a kind, you can customize colors/prints/patterns, and they are Super durable, easy to take care of… I also like the fact she can custom fit your items. Jill will always crank it out by your deadline, rain or shine!

My Bunny Jackson has gone to 3 different countries in the last year. It's a "go to" item I can always rely on for any setting/activity/event, etc. Also, Bunny Jackson can transform from day to night, with a change of your shoes, which, if an item can do that, is the ULTIMATE travel item! 

SIERRA YOUNG Tour Management/Musician Assistant



Original designs, absolutely beautiful and stunning and you wouldn't find anywhere else.  Jill made me a mini dress w fur neckline…I wore it at a friends book signing in London… I had several people commenting on my dress.  just contacting Jill from the first email that I sent she was so sweet and friendly… I had a great experience n I can't wait to order more fabulous dresses from her.  Material she uses are great, clean n flawless.  Perfect for summer parties, fiesta and def girls night out.  Head turner wherever you go.

MICHELLE NOURAEI  Santa Barbara, California



Ooooo, I love all her styles because her fabrics are always so fun! I always feel so cute!  Plus, I'm told my legs and figure look great in all the cuts. Can't go wrong with styles that make ladies look great! But I have seen Jill's dedication to making other great pieces. She is truly an artist. Truly an inspiration, and truly an amazing woman.  The durability and craftsmanship is UNREAL how well it holds. I've been out on a real night out (yes that's what I mean), woke up in my dress (all of them) and it looks great, like I had just put it on. Love it. Great fabric and prints. Unique. durable, easy to wash and hand made by a super cool chick

AMY ROSE  London, United Kingdom



I love when people recognize and ask "oohhhh is that a Bunny Jackson?" and I smile and say of course it is :-))) I have lots of Bunny Jackson and I love wearing and buying Bunny Jackson couture because the care Jill takes in custom design and finding great fabrics in which she uses to create truly unique items that stand out. In Santa Barbara you can always tell who is wearing a Bunny Jackson piece because of her unique signature designs. She takes great care in everything she makes and is always able to make alterations if something needs to be taken in or let out to due to weight gain or loss :-)))

I asked her to design something around a frilly apron I had bought for halloween and she made and delivered a couple pieces that worked great for my costume and they are pieces I can wear out even when it's not a costume party. I even asked her to make my wedding dress which was incredible and since it wasn't a traditional wedding dress I have also worn it for other events. When buying a Bunny Jackson you're supporting a true artist who's passion is making ladies look and feel sexy and I like to support her in her work rather than buy from corporate stores. I love everything she makes but her "Fiesta Minis" and Sexy Halloween Costumes are the most fun to buy and wear. Awesome! 

SIERRA FALSO-FIECHTER  Jump On The School Bus, Santa Barbara, California



I really love the minis because you can dress them up or be super casual and cute . Plus they show off your beautiful legs !   I have several of bunny Jackson dresses and mini skirts and halter tops . I love how they fit my body perfectly making me feel so beautiful and fashionable. They are flattering to all body types, and very comfortable. I  love taking my bunny Jackson with me on travel, it is so easy to pack up and you never have to worry about it loosing its shape or having to iron it ! Hands down the highest quality, you could ever ask for,  never have I ever had a problem with any of my products! They will last a life time ! And, the best part is, they make my boyfriend keep his eye on me ...;)  really he loves it when I wear bunny Jackson and can't take enough pictures!

Jill not only makes beautiful everyday wear, but she makes the coolest costumes for Halloween . I asked her to make me a fairy dress she never made before an it was so perfect and beautiful ! It made for a great time all weekend !

MALISA NEAL-HARRISON  Buellton, California



Bunny Jackson dresses are cute, simple, bright, colored and perfect for the Californian lifestyle.  Being invited to the playboy mansion for the first time, I called Jill saying, "I have no idea what I should wear, I want to be as covered up as possible and still look sexy & sophisticated." Amazing! Jill tailored a bat dress for me for Halloween, and we worked together in her studio to get the perfect fit.  I also have a custom Tinker Bell dress and a pair of really cute shorts. The colors, design and cuts are playful, flattering and easy to accessorize with.

I would not sell any of my Bunny Jackson dresses to any one else, they are mine!! haha

SOPHIA NATALIA  Film Producer/Photographer, Santa Barbara, California



I love Jill's penchant for vintage fabric combined with simple design. She is somehow able to create pieces that are exceptionally original and singular, but wearable on a day to day basis. I love her tube dresses (that can be worn in so many different ways,) minis (my personal favorite,) and custom dresses. I feel original when I wear a Bunny Jackson piece. I almost always get complimented. Most recently I wore an ivory halter dress with a fur collar to dinner at a restaurant. Another patron sent a staff member to our table with a note inquiring where she could find the beautiful dress I was wearing! When you have Jill create a custom piece for you it's essentially couture. It's exclusive custom-fitted clothing that was  affordable and fit my budget. The dress I ordered was tailored to fit me specifically. She used high-quality, unique, hand chosen fabric, which was sewn with extreme attention to detail and fit perfectly.  She's an incredible seamstresses and has an amazing eye for design. She's  precise in telling you how to take correct measurements over the phone or via email. Therefore my dress was tailored exquisitely and the fit was perfect. I simply loved it and still do!

I find that many of the pieces I purchased from Bunny Jackson are not only wearable on a day-to-say basis;  they're also perfect for going on holiday. When I go to a beach location I won't leave without a few of my minis. They work with Ugg boots, sandals, flip flops or heels! Same thing with her mini dresses and halter dresses and tops. They're versatile and essential when I travel.

I wear my Bunny Jackson pieces to parties and any affair where I want to stand out, feel original, and comfortable all at the same time. For me the Bunny Jackson look can range anywhere from festive to elegant. They will always look and feel original!

JENN BATCHELDER  Sonoma, California



I love Bunny Jackson for the fabrics (unique and unusual), the colors and the style.  My favorite style is the Mini Skirt!  Of course! or the tunics....or the halter.....Oh wait! No! The short shorts!!!!! Love mine!. and my Fiesta skirt! and I wear it over and over and over!  Always the highest quality workmanship - I have never had to have a single item repaired in any way, but I did purchase a linen beach tunic and I needed some extra length and she (of course) found the most amazing solution!  I have even had Jill make custom pieces for trips!  The pieces travel very nicely - no wrinkles, easy and comfortable and ALWAYS beautiful!  I am currently discussing a sheer long tunic for Coachella - but I have considered and worn Bunny for all kinds of special occasions!

DAWN McGUIRE  Calabasas, California



I would buy everything this talented lady makes!  They fit perfectly every time and are incredibly sexy and flattering. My favorite are the halter dresses. I wore a cheetah print halter dress for Halloween with a pink wig and was Josie from Josie and the Pussycats. Went to the best party ever and ended up meeting the man of my dreams. I will never forget it!

Every dress is meticulously sewn. Nothing fazes these dresses. I have danced in them for hours. :) I love the fabric!!! She chooses the most beautiful prints and she cuts everything just right- the craftsmanship is perfect. They are unique and look amazing. A Bunny Jackson dress is perfect for any party, special date, any time you want to look your BEST!

MOLLY YOUNG  Helena, Montana



Buying my first piece directly from Jill was pretty damn cool! They are excellent quality, one of a kind pieces. I always feel like I stand out in a Bunny Jackson piece. Extremely fun to wear because it's very unique, different than any other line out there. And I love Halloween! She goes off :) such hot ideas!

KARINA FRANCO Santa Barbara, California



Jill is amazing to work with. She knows exactly what will look good on my body and uses her creativeness to make something amazing. I love the halter dresses because it pulls up the bust and slims my waist and I always get compliments! My favorite part of wearing Bunny Jackson is that wherever I go people stop me and say they love my Bunny piece. People recognize and love the brand and I love attention! All of my Bunny Jackson items are easy, comfortable, and look amazing. It really is true to say I never leave home without them. I own 2 fabulous fiesta dresses and multiple regular dresses, skirts, and amazing halter tops. My items have been through 2 fiestas, cinco de mayo, and multiple parties and still look brand new.

LISA THOMSEN Santa Barbara, California