Santa Barbara Magazine named Jill Johnson among 25 most intriguing people and called her “a totally self-taught designer and savvy businesswoman...[who] has had her finger on every hot fashion.”  She brings both assets to her role as founder and designer of LOVEWORN.

Johnson’s professional career began with wholesaling vintage denim to Japan in 1991. Shortly thereafter, she and her partner opened True Grit in Santa Barbara. Johnson added designer apparel to its stock including her own original designs.  For several years she created and sold pieces under the name Grit Girl, more recently designing a more sophisticated line, Bunny Jackson.

Johnson, who is now recognized as a local cultural maven, made the switch from brick-and-mortar to online retail in 2005 when she, with partners Matthew Hunter and Eric Jones launched   With deep experience and knowledge of clothing and retail, it was Johnson’s goal to “bridge the gap between the convenience of on-line shopping and the personal service of off-line boutiques.”  The team succeeded in introducing a new kind of shopping and Jill has been featured in many publications and has appeared as a guest on numerous television shows and as a respected guest panel speaker for leading fashion industry groups.

Johnson's extensive experience in the fashion and e-commerce industry has recently culminated in the launch of, a line of eco-chic dresses and mini skirts which she designs and produces herself. Bunny Jackson most often utilizes rare and vintage fabrics, creating several one-of-a-kind signature pieces that have gained a loyal cult following.

A lover of all forms of design – from apparel to interior design and architecture – Jill Johnson enjoys traveling in her free time and, as a “beach girl,” is happy to occasionally trade a hemline for a shoreline.


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